Serving Sir

I’m so happy this morning. Just everything. My nipples are tearing at this red tube top and my pussy has been just dripping so nicely. It started yesterday when He commanded me to go get that tube top and the red lace boy shorts on. I slept in His outfit and woke to make Him a video.

I’m so dizzy right now, I can’t even remember if I wrote about that yesterday. Fuck. This distance between us is getting thinner and thinner. It’s like a fine cloth veil now, and everyday I feel Him pull me closer. And closer.

I love this place my mind and body go. I guess some call it subspace. I just call it heaven from serving Sir. Buzzing and wet and dizzy and offering. Owww, good morning. Very good morning.

I Am Yours, Sir

You twist and You turn

Like watching fallen leaves tumbling down an alley way

Picking me up and throwing me down

And I go with You each and every way,

I am Yours, Sir

I can not. Will not be another’s or go with that wind except where it brings You.

Your spell of devastation is now broken

My life for Yours,

I know no other way

For not a thing feels like You

Not a soul breathes Your fire

So live and smile and dance

The music has missed You, and I…

Have been waiting.

A Dom’s Guidance

Gosh, doing a lot of writing on here, lately! It feels good, though. It’s a release of tensions, but, especially when I read other blogs, memories pop up! Things I had forgotten somewhat.

The dark side…mmmm. This is something that has been incredibly cathartic in a life that was dulled in me. I had no idea of all the feelings deep within. Some of them were fun and liberating; some brutal and hurtful. Or maybe, all just different sides of me and my shadow.

That’s what Carl Jung calls it. My Owner calls her Lilith. I’ve written about her before, but when she needs to cum out and play, she often gets my attention in interesting ways. A soft hint was reading about other submissive’s darker side.

In the beginning, I was afraid to let her cum out with Him. Lilith didn’t feel submissive to me, she felt full of ‘caffeine and hate’, ‘grab you by the balls’ rage, and ‘smile while she draws blood on your back’ expression. She scared me. But, hiding her was the worst idea ever!

He likes when she cums out to play. He is able to grab her by the throat, watch her writhe in twisted pleasure and pain, while His cock gets hard. She has cunning and deviance and a black, sharp soul. In a word: Hawt!!

Always…always offered in service to Him. That took me much trial and error to discover. She can be out of control vengeful, too. When unspoken feelings build in me, she… I can be extremely hurtful. So, the answer to that is for me to remain in conversation with her. To remember to check in with her occasionally, and listen to her voice. Like I said, there’s always a reason she cums into my conscious thought.

One of the most profound things about Lilith is her ability to help me release. She helps me to steer clear of being a victim. And believe me, my victim is much more distractive then Lilith ever is or ever could be.

A memory just came up from when I was about 19 years old. An aggressive male driver bumped the side of my mother’s car while she was taking me home from the mall. His unchecked anger had now caused an accident. When my mother and I got out of the car, I went into full swing Tasmanian devil. My voice sounded three octaves lower, I was growling and screaming. I was cursing like a sailor and looking this 6 foot plus man dead in the eyes. My mother was completely silent.

This man was not backing down and neither was I. At one point he threatened to hit me. I taunted him to. I begged him to. It’s taken me all these years to realize that that was my pain slut; that, was Lilith. What she really wanted and needed was to be grabbed by the throat and fucked. Hard.

And that is what a talented, insightful, sensitive, loving Dominant Man can bring to life. A life that is full. Completely full, with whole expression. Plus, one very grateful submissive.

I’ll Go Your Way, Too

It’s 4 a.m., and I haven’t slept a wink. I didn’t have anything to drink, either. A hit of weed might have put me out, but maybe sleep wasn’t what I needed tonight.

Instead, I went from YouTube video to video, and then my own photos. Photos and videos of Him. Some photos just make me smile, some videos get me so choked up, I have to catch my breath. Then others get me so wet. His voice and His mouth, the way His eyes look; my body knows Him by heart already.

Thoughts of how He is dealing with all He is. His own thoughts and feelings. I guess that’s how you know you love someone more than yourself or anyone–their happiness is above all else.

I’ve been listening to songs from Leonard Cohen the last few days. He was quite brilliant. I watched a few interviews with Him, and during His time as a monk, He wrote a very short poem. I liked it very much, and it made me think of Bobby.

You go your way

I’ll go your way, too

That’s how I feel for Him. Wherever He is, I’m there. Whatever He chooses, I’ll cherish. Whatever He feels, is part of me. Is my pain, my sorrow. His happiness lights me inside. His smile on my lips.

It’s not a choice, it is simply love. It’s as if I can feel His fingers play guitar. Feel His body sense the groove. Feel the flow of music take Him over. It is the way He takes over me.

You go your way

I’ll go your way, too

I’ll go Your way, too.

A Smile

When a step feels like a mile

Look my way, I’ll make you smile

When a puddle becomes an ocean

I’ll pull you up with my devotion

Take my hand and I’ll take Yours

It’s our love that opens doors

Let the worries slide right off you

I’ll be right there, remind you what’s true

She brought us here, She’ll bring us there

She brought the fire, She’ll bring the air

Trust is what we found in each other

You never gno what we’ll discover.


Sometimes, I picture myself in loose little pink tap pants, white scrunch socks, my hair in pig tails and nothing on top. Almost naked, curled up with my head in Daddy’s chest and arms. Just knowing that everything is good in the world because He’s there and He loves me.

That feeling is filling my heart this morning. It’s putting a smile on my lips–lips that long to kiss Daddy everywhere. To be laid down on the bed so Daddy can tell me to open my mouth nice and wide and swallow all of Him.

Then after Daddy’s cock feels good and slippery with precum and His little girl’s wet hot tongue, He will fill my throat with His magic cum. The cum that slides down my throat and reminds me whom I belong to. A belly full of Daddy.

Thank you, Daddy. Your little girl luvs you very much 😘